Date : 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020

No one will forget this year 2020.

Confinement, increased problems of poverty, difficulty in accessing health services or fear of contracting the virus in hospitals, the impossibility for surgeons to travel for long periods of time have made the task of our programme more complex. In Europe, the very local concerns of institutions and even private donors, hit hard by the crisis that began with the economic downturn, have made the search for funds particularly difficult.

But the reason for our work and our commitment has never been more tangible. Our determination to «end with obstetric fistula,» as the United Nations General Assembly once again urged on December 20, 2020, remains intact. Fistula Group remains committed to continuing to care for patients, many of whom are very young – so young that it is sometimes a matter of upholding the rights of women as well as children.