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A reconstruction can
change a life

Fistula Group

Prevention can
change a life



Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and dangerous injuries that can occur during childbirth.

It is a major maternal health problem in poor countries. True trauma, the physical damage and incontinence it causes plunge millions of women and adolescents into isolation.

Surgery and comprehensive care, as developed by Fistula Group, can often help and transform their lives.




A global program

Physical and moral integrity

Since 1993, Fistula Group has been developing actions in the field of obstetric fistula in order to give these women a better destiny and the dignity they deserve.

This program aims at:

A declinable model

A team and local relays

This model, which was tested in Tanguiéta (Benin) and is now internationally recognized, is used in many African countries, mainly in Burkina Faso, Togo, Cameroon, Guinea, Congo, and Madagascar.

It relies on intermediary institutions and teams of specialized local surgeons, trained in the treatment of fistula and who have themselves become surgeon trainers.

A voice team

Lifting the veil on a taboo

Similarly, the prevention and social reintegration of patients is carried out jointly with very involved local NGOs.

With Fistula Group, they help lift the veil that hides a reality touching on taboos, secrecy and rejection of a whole category of women, poor among the poor, suffering in silence from a pathology experienced as shameful.




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