Title: The pattern of non-obstetric fistula: A Cameroonian experience
Author(s): Pierre-Marie Tebeu, Eric Brice Touka, Yvette Mawamba, Calvin Tiyou, Joseph Nelson Fomulu, Charles-Henry Rochat
Publication date: 20.09.2014
Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/S2305-0500(14)60032-4
Category : Research


To investigate the pattern of Non-obstetrical genital fistula (NOGF) in Cameroonian context.


NOGF represented 19.78% of genital fistula. Uro-genital fistula (UGF) represented 72.20% while non-obstetrical genito-digestive fistula (GDF) represented 27.80% of NOGF. The main cause of UGF was hysterectomy (46.15%) while the main cause of genito-digestive fistula was vaginal infections (40.00%). Most patients had never been operated before their arrival in the YUTH (84.60% for UGF and 60.00% for GDF). We had one failure at first surgical attempt.


UGF fistula is the main type of NOGF in Cameroonian context, with hysterectomy being the leading cause. Proper knowledge on NOGF will enable better strategies to fight against genital fistula.