Titre : Tebeu’s Pronostic Classification of Obstetric Fistula According to Anatomopathologic Variables from the University Teaching Hospital, Yaounde Cameroon
Auteur(s) : Pierre Marie Tebeu, Georges Didier Ngassa Meutchi, Claude Cyrille Noa Ndoua, Yvette Nkene Mawamba, Gregory Halle Ekane, Charles-Henry Rochat
Date de publication : 20.09.2017
Lien : https://www.scireslit.com/Gynecology/IJRMG-ID19.php
Catégorie : Recherche

Several studies revealed the prognostic value of the fistula location, size and the vaginal fibrosis on surgical result.


Fistula location, size and softening of surrounding tissue provide a promising prognostic classification of obstetric fistula in four entities. While waiting for additional researches this appears as a good field option.