Title: Obstetric Fistula Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among the Professionals of Communication in Yaounde (Cameroon)
Author(s): Claudine Tseunwo, Sylvain Honoré Woromogo, Jesse Saint Saba Antaon, Claude Messanga Obama, Pierre Marie Tebeu, Charles Henry Rochat
Publication date: 30.06.2020
Link: http://www.hsd-fmsb.org/index.php/hsd
Category : Research

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated an annual incidence of 50,000–100,000 new cases of obstetric fistula. In Cameroon, it is estimated that about 19,000 women suffer from obstetric fistula. Affected women remain with anatomical, functional and social defects. This study aimed at analyzing knowledge, attitude and practice of professional of communication with regards to obstetric fistula.


This was a multicentric analytic KAP study conducted in twenty-three medias structures in Yaoundé from 10 January to 30 May 2016. Data were collected on knowledge, attitude and practice of communicators towards obstetric fistula. Data were analyzed using Epi Info Version The mean and the frequencies were calculated, odds ratio with 95% confidence interval was used to quantify the strength of associations. A difference within two group was considered statistically significant if p value ˂ 0,05.


Among 101/133 (75.94%) communicators who were informed, only 60/101 (45.11%) had satisfactory knowledge. This knowledge influenced positively the attitudes of public sector communicators towards obstetric fistula (OR=8.3[1.6-41.5]; p value = 0.01). The proportion of satisfactory attitudes of communicators with regards to obstetric fistula was 79/101 (78.22%) and the practices were 19/101 (18.81%). Knowledge and attitude did not influence the practice regardless of the working sector.


The management of obstetric fistula in Cameroon suffers from little knowledge, attitude and practice of mass communicators. There is a need better involvement of communicator about challenges about obstetric `fistula.

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