Title: Surgical outcome of genito-urinary obstetric fistulas (GUOF) with or without bladder neck involvement: an experience from the University Teaching Hospital, Yaoundé, Cameroon
Author(s): Tebeu Pierre Marie, Ekono Michel, Ndoua Claude Cyrille Noa, Ngassa Meutchi Georges Didier, Nkene Mawamba, Yvette, Rochat Charles-Henry
Publication date: 25.06.2019
Link: https://doi.org/10.15406/ogij.2019.10.00447
Category : Research

Surgical Outcome of Genito-urinary obstetric fistulas (GUOF) with urethral involvement were fibrous with large size. The rate of closure with continence was less satisfactory in case of urethral involvement.


We analyzed the data of 92 GUOF patients, 23 (25.0%) with urethral involvement and 69 without. The fistulas with urethral involvement were more likely to have large size of more than 4cm (30% vs 10%), and to have a major fibrosis (39% vs 3%). Also, fistulas with urethral involvement were more at risk to have undergone more previous repairs (69.5% vs 17.4%; OR: 11.11; 95% CI [5.0 to 33.33]; P=0, 000007). In the urethral involvement group, the surgical technique had often been plastic surgery (52.2% vs 17.4%; OR, 5.8; 95% CI [1.85 to 14.48]; P=0.002). The patients without urethral involvement had the best results in terms of continence with closure at the end of 3 months (81.2% vs 30.4%; OR: 9.84; 95% CI to [3.36 to 28.8] P = 0.000014).